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5 Reasons to Use One-Pagers in Secondary ELA

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Here are my top five reasons to use one pagers in Secondary ELA.

Change of Pace

If you are bound tightly to a set curriculum or you live in a state with high stakes testing, it’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine. As much as we get bored with it, students do even more. One-pagers provided a much needed break from your regular routine for an engaging lesson without sacrificing rigor.

Easy Grading

As English teachers, we are all familiar with long hours spent grading essays and constructed responses. Assigning a one-pager can save your sanity when you have too much on your plate. My one pagers come with quick, easy rubrics to save you time. Click here to check them out.

Class Decor

One-pagers look great on bulletin boards, and students love seeing their work displayed. They are a bright, fun way to decorate while still focusing on content.


Secondary students love when you bust out the crayons and color pencils just as much as primary students. It’s not just your artists who appreciate creative tasks. One pagers are always a hit.

New Insights

The first year I tried one pagers, I was teaching an inclusion class. One student in particular struggled with challenging concepts like theme and symbolism. He just couldn’t grasp them, or so I thought. After seeing his completed one-pager, I discovered that he did understand those challenging concepts. What I realized is that he struggled to write about them. One-pagers may provide you with some new insights about your students too.

I hope you try them out!

Happy Teaching,


Check out my one-pager resources.


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