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4 Halloween Creative Writing Activities for Middle and High School ELA

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In bold text, it says, "4 Creative Writing Activities for Halloween." The image shows an aerial view of a desktop. A hand is holding a pencil about to write on a notebook. The desk has seasonal items scattered around, like a little pumpkin, a paper ghost, some leaves, and a paper bat with googly eyes.

Halloween writing activities for middle and high school students can be both fun and standards-based. Check out these creative Halloween writing assignments that teach secondary students about voice, word choice, inferences, and editing.

The images shows a close up of Monster Match Dating Profile worksheets. Each page is laid out on top of black construction paper, and the pages are overlapping. The pages show pictures of the monsters being profiled, like a witch, a man with a pumpkin head, a swamp monster, a scary clown, and a skeleton in a cloak. The characters are bright and colorful.

Monster Match Dating Profiles

Can negative attributes be spun to sound like positive ones? Students focus on word choice and stretching truths with these Monster Match dating profiles. With ten different monster profiles to choose from, students have a lot of room for creativity. Their imaginations bring these monsters to life.

The picture shows one page of the Monster Voice activity. The page says, "Create a Monster" and has an image of three bright monsters around an answer box. A hand is using an orange pen to answer questions.

Monster Voice

Learning to create voice with diction and syntax doesn’t have to be challenging or boring. This creative Monster Voice activity breaks it down in simple terms and includes examples to guide students. Students even get to create their own monsters.

The image shows some pages of the Two Sentence Horror Story resource laid out on red construction paper. The pages are overlapping, and an iPad sits on top. The iPad shows the first slide of the Two Sentence Horror Story presentation about micro fiction.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Students love scary stories, but how do you create mood and plot in just two sentences? This resource teaches students about micro fiction and walks them through the process of writing their own carefully worded two sentence horror stories.

The picture shows two pages of the scary story descriptive writing activity laid out on black construction paper. A Halloween pencil and eyeball eraser sit on top. To the side is a black spider ring.

Descriptive Writing: Scary Story Edition

How many times have you read “it was a dark and stormy night” in a student’s spooky story? Probably too many to count. This descriptive writing activity guides students through showing versus telling, ditching cliches, and descriptive language. Students practice their editing skills with a poorly written story to make a truly spooky masterpiece. Then students can use these newly learned skills in a story of their own.

I hope you are leaving with some creative Halloween writing activities to use in your secondary classroom. Happy Halloween writing!


Check out the resources:

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Monster Match Dating Profile

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Two Sentence Horror Stories

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