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Get Students Back on Track After Break

In bold text, the title says "Get Students Back on Track After Break." The image shows a group of students sitting on the school's stairs talking.

Whether you get new students at semester or not, coming back from winter break can be a challenge.

How do you get your classes back into the groove after long school breaks? For me, the key is treating the first day back like the first day of school.

Here are my tips for getting your classes back on track after a break.

Take it slow.

You can’t jump right into your curriculum after a long school break. This has always been a struggle for me, especially in a state with high stakes testing and a pacing guide that doesn’t seem manageable. But it is so important to renew your relationships with students and make sure they understand your expectations first.

Do an icebreaker.

After winter break, I always do some kind of ice breaker. I always have a few new students in each class, but it’s important to continue to build relationships with existing students as well. My favorite activities the first day back from break are Four Corners or Would You Rather. I enjoy activities that get students up and moving.

Review your expectations.

If you review your daily expectations for behavior and assignments, students are more likely to show up each day with required materials ready to complete their work. This is a great time to email parents the same reminders.

Practice classroom procedures.

What’s the procedure for using the restroom? Where do students go in case of a fire? Reviewing procedures, both for your classroom and school-wide, can prevent future interruptions and confusion.

Can you get students back on track after a long school break? Of course. Just take a little bit of time to get them there. Happy teaching!




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