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How to Choose the Right Digital ELA Resources

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

With so many different types of digital ELA resources, it can be a challenge to find what will best meet the needs of your students. I will share different types of digital resources and their benefits to help you choose what is right for your virtual classroom.

Digital Interactive Notebooks

Digital interactive notebooks are so engaging because they can contain a variety of different activities and tasks for students. Some activities require students to add pictures, drag and drop objects, and answer prompts. Activities in digital interactive notebooks often require more analysis and deeper thinking than other digital resources.

Digital Matching Games

Digital matching games are a fun way to reinforce the skills your students are learning. They are also versatile. They can be used for independent work, group work, early finishers, or timed challenges. Students enjoy them because they break up the monotony of regular activities.

Digital Worksheets

Digital worksheets are a quick and easy solution to basic classroom activities such as reading comprehension or grammar practice. Students find them easy to use, and digital versions are often more visually appealing than their printable counterparts.

Digital Novel Units

Teaching a novel online while trying to use materials meant for in-person instruction can feel disjointed for students. A digital novel unit is a cohesive option that will save you a considerable amount of planning time.

Generic Activity Sets

Generic activity sets are versatile enough for a variety of texts. It can be difficult to find resources for specific texts when teaching virtually, and generic resources provide a solution with a huge variety of activities that can be reused all year with different texts.

Boom Cards™

Boom Cards™ are a great option for a game review. The sounds and animations make them engaging and fun for students. Unlike other game options you may play with students online, Boom Cards™ don’t reward students for quick responses. Students can take their time when choosing answers, which is great for students with processing difficulties. There are no teams, and students don’t see how other students are doing. That relieves some pressure on students and allows them to focus. The only downside to Boom Cards™ is that you may need to create a paid account on Boom Learning™.

Digital Graphic Organizers

Even when working online, students need the support of graphic organizers to organize their ideas before writing. Digital organizers are easy to use, and students can type directly into the documents.

Happy teaching!



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