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The Bundle Every New ELA Teacher Needs for Back to School

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A female teacher with curly brown hair smiles while holding a stack of notebooks. In bold text, the bottom says, "The Bundle Every New ELA Teacher Needs for Back to School."

When I got my first teaching job, I walked into a classroom with no textbooks, no curriculum map, no pacing guide, and no clue what to do. I was hired two days before school started, so that didn’t leave much time for planning. It was also before the days of finding lessons online.

I was overwhelmed. The teacher I took over for was still in the building, but she wasn’t much help. She had moved into an admin role, and she was overwhelmed too. The best answer I could get was that the new curriculum was coming, although, no one knew when that would be.

So, there I was, a brand new teacher, with 120 seventh graders, and I was playing a waiting game. It was a few weeks before I got my materials, and I honestly don’t even remember what I did with my students during that time.

What I needed then was a Back to School English Essentials Bundle. Right now, teacher and sub shortages have caused a lot of transitions in schools. New teachers are constantly coming in to take over, and veteran teachers are being moved to grade levels they’ve never taught before. This is the perfect time for me to help teachers who are in a tough spot like I was.

Activities from the back to school English essentials bundle are laid out on a desk. There are back to school activities, annotation lessons, and a grammar bell ringer journal. On top, there is an iPad with an email etiquette assignment.

The Back to School English Essentials Bundle covers your first few weeks in the secondary ELA classroom. It goes beyond the first few days and helps you establish a foundation for an ELA curriculum.

The bundle starts with back to school games and activities to help you get to know your students and build community. It also includes a year-long grammar bell ringer journal so you can start building daily routines from day one. When you complete the back to school activities, your students will work on email etiquette, which can set the tone for communication with you for the rest of the year. It’s also a great life skill for students to learn. The last item in the bundle in an annotation unit. This unit will teach your students reading strategies that they can continue to use all year. No matter what you read next, your students will be able to apply what they learned in that unit.

The Back to School English Essentials Bundle is a must have for brand new ELA teachers. If you are switching grade levels or content areas, it might be helpful for you, too. Click here to check it out.

Happy teaching!


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