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5 Fun Ways to End the Year Virtually

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Enjoy the last few days of virtual learning with these fun ideas for students.

A Letter of Appreciation

Many students struggled with the transition to virtual learning. Have students think about who helped them the most to make that transition. Was it a parent, teacher, or friend? Have students choose one person and write them a letter of appreciation.

Year in Review Timeline Project

This Year in Review Timeline Project is a creative way for students to look back at everything they have enjoyed or accomplished throughout the year. Students build their own timelines and add their own content, which makes each timeline unique. Students get to decide what is important to include as they move their way through the entire year.

End of Year Memory Book

My End of Year Memory Book leads students through the highlights and important aspects of the school year. It’s a guided activity that requires students to fill in information and respond to prompts. It creates a digital book for students to save as a keepsake.

End of Year Digital Activities

This set of End of Year Digital Activities is made up of seven activities that help students reflect on the year, think about their futures, and have fun. With a variety of activities, you can choose which ones fit your students and the time frame you have left with them. It even includes a game about summer break that you can play together in a virtual meeting.


Even though you may not be finishing the year in person, you can still celebrate students' successes and accomplishments. Students deserve to be recognized after a stressful semester. You can announce awards during a virtual meeting and email students virtual awards. This is a great time to include some silly awards too. Who would want to win the award for best Zoom background?

End of School Resources:

Year in Review Timeline project

End of Year Memory Book

End of Year Digital Activities

Digital End of Year Bundle

Enjoy the last few days with your students.



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