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End of the Year Activities for the Secondary Classroom

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

It can be a challenge to keep secondary students engaged the last few days of school. The excitement of summer gets everyone wound up. Here are five ideas to grab your students' attention and keep them engaged.

Summer Break Four Corners Game

Playing a Summer break four corners game is a great way to get students up out of their seats and sharing about themselves. Students share their answers to summer related questions by walking around the room to assigned answer areas.

End of the Year Memory Flip Book

Students have a chance to get creative with this end of the year memory flip book. Students answer prompts, color, cut, and assemble their own memory book. The book makes for a great keepsake that students will love.

End of Year Printable Activities

These printable end of the year activities include a game, reflection activities, planning activities, and creative tasks. This resource works well if you are looking for a variety of activities or want shorter activities to fill in gaps in the last week of school.

End of the Year Digital Meme Project

This digital end of the year meme project is a hilarious way to end the year. Students get to showcase their creativity and humor with three specific meme tasks. Everyone will enjoy creating and sharing their memes. You could even turn it into a contest for the best meme.

Soundtrack of My School Year

This Soundtrack of My School Year project is a creative way for students to reflect on the year using something they love: music. Students create a playlist to cover all of the major events of the year. It's engaging and fun for students, and doesn't require any prep for you.

Check out the resources:

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