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Back to School Games to Help Build Community in the Secondary Classroom

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Teen boys' and girls' hands touch together in a circle to display teamwork. In bold text, the bottom says, "Back to School Games to Help Build Community."

Back to school games are a great way to get to know your students and start to build a strong foundation for your classroom community. Here are my favorite back to school games for building community.

A laptop screen displays the first slide of a back to school four corners games. Behind it, additional game slides float in the background.

Four Corners

Students love activities that get them up out of their seats, so Back to School Four Corners is always a favorite. Everyone learns so much about each other with this game, and I often play right along with my students.

Adjective Game

The Adjective Game helps me learn students’ names on day one. Students notice and appreciate when you start calling them by name right away. It lets them know you value them. I’m terrible with names, so this game saves me from being that teacher who needs to use their rosters for three weeks before figuring out who everyone is. You can download this free game by clicking here.

An iPad screen displays a question from a back to school interactive this or that game. Two completed answer sheets are laid out displaying colorful patterns.

Interactive This or That

Not only is Interactive This or That a fun way to get to know students, it’s also a way for students to take some ownership of the classroom. By the end of the game, students have created a piece of art that can be used to help decorate the classroom or hallway. It helps them become invested in the space.

Birthday Game

The Birthday Game doesn’t require any sort of prep, and it’s also a great game for collaboration. It’s a chance for students to learn how to work together before they are ever placed in groups for a grade. This game will also show you which students will step into leadership roles. You can grab this free game by clicking here.

Have a great first week of school. Happy teaching!


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