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Creative Back to School Activities for the Secondary Classroom

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Five teenagers stand together with backpacks and notebooks. Under them, bold text says "Creative Back to School Activities for the Secondary Classroom."

All teachers know that the first few days of school play a critical role in setting the tone for the year. It’s the time we use to get to know our students and build a sense of community within our classrooms. Here are seven creative back to school activities that your middle and high school students will love the first week of school.

Back to School Games

A laptop screen displays a slide from a back to school four corners game. The question asks students about social media.

Four Corners Game

Four Corners is a fun way to get to know your students. Because the game requires students to get up and interact, they learn about each other too. After hours of sitting and listening to rules and procedures on day one, students love this activity.

A laptop screen displays a slide from a would you rather game.

Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather is a great icebreaker game to get to know students. It can get students up out of their seats moving across the room to show their answers. With a mix of silly and serious questions, students love this activity.

Back to School Projects

Small pictures colored by students are hung together to form a quilt bulletin board display.

Class Culture Quilt

A class culture quilt is a great way to build community and celebrate students’ differences. It’s a fun project that can be displayed all school year. It can also be paired with literature, so it can be a creative way to introduce your curriculum.

A laptop screen shows a student slide from a class slideshow project. It looks like a bulletin board.

Class Slideshow Project

With a class slideshow project, students are working to build one complete presentation for the class. It’s a fun way for students to get to know everyone while working toward a common goal.

Back to School Activities

A person is decoding a back to school secret message that uses emojis.

Emoji Secret Message

A secret message hidden in emojis is a cute way to welcome students back to school and let them know that you are glad they are there with you. First days can sometimes be scary for our students, and this will help them feel welcome.

An all about me social media profile sits on top of a desk with colored pens.

All About Me Facebook Profile

Students are already familiar with social media profiles, so the All About Me Facebook Profile will catch their attention. It’s a fun activity that can also be used as a bulletin board display at the beginning of the year.

An ABCs of Me back to school activity lays on a desk with colorful pens.

ABCs of Me

ABCs of Me is a creative task that all students can complete. No artistic abilities are needed for this activity, and you will learn so much about students that you wouldn’t learn in regular back to school activities. Some parts can be challenging, but it’s a great opportunity for students to work collaboratively.

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