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4 Thanksgiving Activities for Secondary ELA

Five teens all dressed in flannel laugh with one another. The bold text says, "Thanksgiving Activities for Secondary ELA."

It can be a challenge to keep students engaged right before a break like Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find meaningful assignments that students will actually enjoy. Check out these four ideas for the days leading up to Thanksgiving break.

Different pages from the Thanksgiving Odes activity are laid out on bright red, orange, and yellow paper. On top, there is an ode to pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Odes

For many, Thanksgiving is all about the food, and so are these Thanksgiving odes. This activity is engaging and is sure to get some laughs.

A gratitude journal is laid on a desk with green and blue pens. The journal cover is colored in with greens and purple.

Gratitude Journals

Teaching students gratitude is challenging, but this gratitude journal makes it a lot easier. With this journal, students are guided through some self-reflection in a way that isn’t intimidating. The journals are fun to color and build too.

Two fall parts of speech color by code pages are laid out on bright red and orange paper. The one on top is colored in and shows leaves falling on a basket of apples. A few color pencils lay to the side.

Fall Parts of Speech Color by Code Activities

Fall parts of speech color by code pictures are a fun way to review the parts of speech. Students match colors to the parts of speech and fill in fall themed pictures.

A table with a red and white checkered tablecloth is set up for a book tasting. There is a table number, placemat, placecard, and book tasting menu.

Book Tasting

Before leaving school for a break with a big meal, you can have a book feast in class. Book tastings are a fun way to introduce your students to a variety of novels for independent reading. It’s an engaging way to give students a little taste of what they could be reading.

I hope you are leaving with ideas you can use in your own classroom before Thanksgiving break. Happy Thanksgiving!


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