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Valentine’s Day Activities for Secondary ELA

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Bold, navy text says, "Valentine's Day Activities for Secondary ELA." Two red, heart shaped suckers sit on a aqua background.

Elementary students shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on Valentine’s Day. You can have your secondary students celebrate too, and you don’t have to ditch your ELA curriculum to do it. Check out these Valentine’s Day plans your middle and high school English classes will love.

A writing page from Conversation Hearts Poetry is laid out on a table with paper versions of candy hearts. The hearts have captions like Soul Mate, Smile, Only You, Love Bug, and Puppy Love. They are a variety of pastel colors. A hand is reaching in with a pink pen to write a poem using the conversation hearts.

Conversation Hearts Poetry

Bring poetry to life with a paper version of the Valentine’s Day candy all your students know: conversation hearts! This conversation hearts poetry activity has two poem tasks, one all about love and one for the kids who just aren’t feelin’ it. Both are fun and engaging. Best of all, it comes as both a printable PDF and a digital Google Slides version to fit your classroom needs.

A character dating profile analysis assignment is laid out on top of red construction paper.

Character Dating Profile

Character dating profiles give students a chance to be creative with character analysis. This activity works with any novel or short story. While students think about a character’s personality and motivations, they will complete a dating profile. This activity requires students to read closely, make inferences, and support answers with textual evidence. Character analysis doesn’t get more engaging than this! This activity is both printable and digital.

A classroom is set up for Speed Dating Poetry. The desks are in two long rows with chairs on both sides. On top of the desks, there are task tents and writing pages.

Speed Dating Poetry

Speed dating poetry is fast paced fun that gets students out of their seats and interacting with one another. This poetry challenge is sure to bring on some laughs. While some students write poems all about love, their “dates” write poems criticizing love. They’ve never written poetry like this before, and they will have a blast! Thank you @englishteacherish for sharing a picture of your classroom set up for speed dating poetry.

Check out the resources here:

Happy Valentine's Day!




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